Curriculum Vitae

Madelon Vollebregt was born on September the 21th 1987 in The Hague, the Netherlands. In 1993 she moved with her family to Rhenen. After completing highschool (VWO) at Pantarijn Wageningen in 2005, she studied Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Radboud University Nijmegen, where she also lived during college days.

Both in the fields of Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, she gained a Master degree (in 2010 and 2012 respectively). In addition, she followed the majority of the courses of Clinical and Developmental Psychology. As clinical part of the Master in Neuropsychology, she worked at the memory polyclinic of hospital Gelderse Vallei Ede, supervised by Monique de Lugt. As research part of the master, she started working at RadboudUMC and Karakter Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry, both in Nijmegen. At first, Madelon performed the neuropsychological assessments for both the PANther project (Project Adhd & eeg-Neurofeedback therapy), in which the efficacy of EEG-neurofeedback in 8-15 years old children with ADHD was being investigated, and the WORM project (WORking Memory training), in which the efficacy of Cogmed working memory training in 5,5-7,5 years old children with ADHD was being investigated. She was supervised by Jan Buitelaar and Dorine Slaats, with daily supervision of Marieke Lansbergen. Her activities soon expanded with EEG measurements, performed at the Donders Institute, Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging.

When Madelon decided to expand her education with the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Master, she set-up her own project called SHARK (Study on the inter-Hemispheric Alpha Ratio in Kids with adhd), in which alpha-oscillations were compared between 7-10 years old children with and without ADHD. To this end, she jointed the research group of Ole Jensen, daily supervised by Niels ter Huurne and Johanna Zumer. 

After gaining her second Master degree, she continued to work on the three aforementioned projects. Two of which (PanTHER and SHARK) became part of this doctoral dissertation. She started to work intensively with Martine van Dongen-Boomsma, who set-up PanTHER and WORM, analyzing and documenting the results of these two projects. Next, Madelon finished the SHARK project, mostly by herself. In addition, she obtained a University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) by documenting the experience she gained in guiding study groups, giving lectures, supervising Master students, and developing teaching materials. She also organized masterclasses that were given on high schools to enthuse young students for brain research. 

Proud to have finished her PhD-trajectory within the predefined period, Madelon immediately went on to work as senior researcher at Research Institute Brainclinics in January 2016. There, among other things, she supervises researchers and continues the research line that was started within her doctoral dissertation. She will remain affiliated to the Donders Institute as well. Her main focus will be on the investigation of ‘personalized medicine’ in ADHD.

Being married, Madelon is called Madelon van Beek-Vollebregt for the non-academic world. They have a daughter called Elise (2015). 

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